Cold Blast In.. Warmer Times Beyond!

A brief cold spell will move into Maryland

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Another shot of cold air will come pouring down the pipeline from Detroit for Tuesday dropping our daytime highs in Maryland. Temperatures overall will run close to 15 degrees BELOW average ( we should be 60 degrees on average for this time of the year) ! The winds will add insult to injury as winds chills will run in the lower 40s for most of Tuesday.

The Chilly Facts:

Tuesday's highs: 45-49° Feels like: 38-43°

Wednesday Morning lows: 26-31° ( 10 + Degrees colder then normal!)

The chill will NOT last however! The quick shot of cold will be replaced by more seasonable temperatures by Thursday and next weekend is looking better and better.

Here is a look at our European forecast model showing the cold air settling into the 4- corner states of the USA.

This will pump up a "ridge" over the west coast allowing for a mild south westerly flow to set-up

The Warm Details:

Saturday - Tuesday will run +5 degrees ABOVE average with highs in the lower 60s - Middle 60s .


Here is the long range forecast from NOAA showing much of the eastern half of the country turning ABOVE average following April 8 th !

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