Canadian Chill Arrives This Weekend!

Cool weather settles in by Sunday.

Baltimore,MD - Mike Masco



Here it comes! A blast of cool air is on the way for Maryland this weekend! Temperatures tonight will struggle to get out of the middle 20s over the Northern Plains where a whopping 14" of snow fell in the northern counties of North Dakota and Minnesota. Facebook fan Holly Evans Black lives in Minnesota and watched her temperatures plummet from 80 degrees on Wednesday to 30, Friday afternoon!

Now temperatures will not get that cold here in Maryland however, you will notice a BIG difference as early as Saturday night. Temperatures on Saturday will start in the middle 70s which is roughly 5 degrees above our normal values. By nightfall temperatures will plunge into the upper 40s with many areas outside of Baltimore seeing near frost conditions. 

Sunday's highs will struggle to get to the middle 50's. Our exclusive in-house forecast models shows temperatures never reaching the middle 50s Sunday afternoon! The last time temperatures reached the mid 50s for daytime highs was back in April.

Check out our slideshow displaying our Future Trend Temperature Model above.

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