BLOG:Heat wave after heat wave

More heat & humidity are on the way

Month after month people have been saying how warm it's been. Of course, I have to agree that it has been unseasonably warm and now we have the numbers to prove it.

71.2°F which is 2.0°F above the 20 th century average was the average temperature for the contiguous U.S. for June. Numbers have been off the charts with 170 all-time record highs being smashed or tied. This has been the warmest 12 month period since the start of record keeping back in 1895 and the June temps aided in the record warmth for the first part of the year.

I wish I could say that we are all done with the heat waves but Unfortunately, there is another one lurking around the corner.  Relatively speaking, it won't be as hot as last week's heat wave because temperatures may not make it into the triple digits but with the humidity, it will feel like we are in the triple digits in some spots.

Heat waves may be a recurring event this summer so standby.....

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