BLOG: Tropical Storm Sandy

Questions About Sandy

As another storm brews in the Caribbean Sea, the question is where is it headed next? The projected path takes it north over Jamaica and Cuba Wednesday and Wednesday night but where does it go from There? Will Tropical storm Sandy affect Maryland?

As a meteorologist, these are questions that you always have to deal with and answer. The only caveat is that many people want to hear a definite answer and the field of meteorology is not a definite science because there are many variables that come into play. Therefore, a definite answer is sometimes difficult to come by.

I like to let people know that when you are forecasting an East Coast storm, the location where the different pieces of energy come together and when they come together play a huge role in where, if anywhere, the worst effects are. This cannot be predicted with confidence 7-9 days ahead of time.

As of now, this is what I can DEFINITELY tell you: there is potential for a significant to historic East Coast storm next week, but there is also potential for no storm. If there is a storm the most likely impacts for Baltimore would be wind and rain with a snow threat in the mountains. The beaches are the most likely to be affected with coastal flooding and beach erosion.

Keep it tuned to ABC2 or go to to get the latest updates on Tropical Storm Sandy. It will probably take until mid-to-late week or even longer to get a confident handle on this complicated weather scenario.


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