BLOG: The Good Ole Days?


It's hard to believe that this week 3 years ago was when two historic snowstorms pounded the Mid Atlantic.

The first storm that hit the mid-Atlantic Feb. 5-6, 2010 dropped two feet of snow. Not only did we have the snow but we had the high winds to contend with which led to blizzard conditions. We dried out for just  two days with highs at or slightly above freezing and then a second snowstorm arrived Feb. 9-10.

The snowstorms were so severe that the term "Snowmaggedon" was and still is used when referring to the winter season of 2010. When the season was all said and done a record of 77.7 inches of snow went down in the history books as the snowiest season on record.

A system is poised to move in by Friday but with the temperatures warming, it will be mainly rain. It may start as a wintry mix but the actual snowstorm will happen far north of New England.

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