BLOG: Storm Shield App - Now Available for Android!

The App that really could save your life...

The bottom line is you can now so easily use "on the go" technology to protect yourself at all times from Mother's Nature's wrath.  Is there a better use you can think of for your mobile device?  (Other than making emergency phone calls, I'm hard pressed to think of any)!

So, what exactly is Storm Shield, and how does it work?  Well here it is from the developers themselves!

"Storm Shield - a weather app for iPhone and Android that acts like a NOAA Emergency Weather Radio. When weather warnings and watches are issued by the National Weather Service for your chosen areas, you will receive critical alerts via voice and push notification. Storm Shield is your ever-vigilant weather guardian to keep you and your family informed."

On a side note, my personal opinion is, other than mobility, what this app really brings to the table is the ability to narrow down your "warned area" to your neighborhood (or the specific area you are visiting), and, if the power goes out as it so often does during severe weather, you will still stay informed via battery power.  This is both brilliant and cutting edge.

And perhaps best of all, we are now happy to announce that Storm Shield for Android is now live and ready for download!

To get it for your Android phone, just search for "Storm Shield" in the Google Play store .

Click this link to go directly to the download page - and start enjoying 24/7 severe weather protection today!

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