BLOG: Maryland - A decade of twisters (as caught on video)

Tornadoes have not been very uncommon since 2001

While the Free State is no Oklahoma or Texas, we know that tornadoes have not been too uncommon since 2001.

And we have plenty of visual proof.  In fact, while it's always a good idea to canvas the research papers and National Weather Service storm surveys when getting a feel for how active the tornado pattern has been over our area in recent times, its pretty amazing what a simple YouTube yields in terms of visual evidence across Maryland (since 2001).

Click any of the below links to see what I mean (arranged by most recent at the top).

Tornado at Baltimore Airport June 1st 2012

OC Sept 2011 Tornado

SuperOutbreak April 27, 2011 (Maryland / Virginia)

La Plata / April 22, 2002 (Maryland's deadly F-4)

College Park Tornado (University of Maryland campus twister that sadly claimed two lives)

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