BLOG: How Late Can We Get a Big Snow?

Why February doesn't have the final say on Winter

Ok, ok, so despite the fact that all warm weather lovers out there have been rejoicing the past 3 months, I know all you snow lovers out there are starting to get a little depressed by the lack of the white stuff so far this Winter in the Baltimore region and across Central Maryland.

But there is still reason for hope if you are a local skier or even just looking for at least occasion to drag the sled out of the garage at this season.

First, the statistics warm weather fans are loving.  As of February 21st, we have had just 1.8" inches of snow for the entire season in Baltimore.  During an "average" winter, we would have had 16.8" inches, so we are officially a full 15" behind what is considered "normal."  And compared to the totals in late February by the "triple blizzards" two years ago, we are about 80" inches behind.

But, there is always the other side. Here are some historical stats to bring hope to all the snow lovers out there.  Of the "Top 12" snowstorms all time on record in Baltimore, 3 of them came in the month of March.  That's right, 1 in 4 of the biggest snow dumps ever on Maryland occurred in our next calendar month.

Here are those massive late-season Maryland snowmakers (listed by rank) below:

#5      *March 29-30, 1942 ... 22.0 inches
#8       March 15-18, 1892 ... 16.0 inches
#12     March 5-7,     1962 ... 13.0 inches

And oh yes, that's right.  The biggest storm ever on record in March in Maryland, (and the state's 5th biggest all time came at the tail end of March).

Bottom line?  If you are a huge fan of this spring-like winter so far - don't breath too easy just yet.   And if you are a snow lover - don't lose hope until at least the last day of March, because there is still plenty of time left to get a serious snow around here, and that's no April Fool's joke...

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