BLOG: Excitement And Rain In The Air

Rainy Days, Chilly Days Won't Get You Down....

It's all about the birds and only two come to mind.....the Orioles and the Ravens!!  The Ravens won last night and the Orioles lost but the Os have a chance to make up for last night. As a fan, it is so exciting and so much fun to have both teams playing in the fall. It's like a one two punch, a double whammy and it feels like you are getting more bang for your buck.

As a meteorologist , It is still very exciting and fun but a tad more stressful. Each and every day I want my  forecast to be accurate but the pressure is on not only for accuracy but for a forecast that both the fans and the players like. Whenever it is time to forecast a game, I want to nail it. I never want to walk away feeling like  the punter in a football game who missed the winning field goal or the catcher who didn't tag the runner out at home plate.

Even when I get the forecast right, it still is slightly a bummer if it is not the forecast everyone is hoping for. For example, Last night the Os had a 2 hour rain delay and temperatures were in the low 50s to mid 40s.  To add insult to injury, tonight's game may have the exact same outcome. Rain and chilly conditions are in the forecast.

All  I can do, and this is one of the reasons why I Iove my job, is to make sure you are prepared for what I am forecasting.  As you head out to the game this evening don't forget your poncho, warm beverages and any other items that will keep you warm and dry through the game. Go Os!!!!

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