Asteroid To Pass Between the Moon and Earth

Asteroid does a close shave of earth!

Baltimore, MD - NASA says an asteroid the size of three double-decker buses will fly Earth and the moon Wednesday night. The asteroid's name is 2014 DX110, measuring at 98 feet across from front to back.

The asteroid will be traveling at a speed of 33,000 miles per hour, missing our planet by only 217,000 miles. 

The asteroid will be visible with a simple garden telescope after dark. 

The website: SLOOH.COM will live stream the event as the asteroid will be visible for six hours.

Should the worst case scenario happen and this asteroid hits earth?

The impacts would be similar to last year's asteroid that flew over Russia.  However, this asteroid would be much bigger creating a crater 20 miles-wide; throwing dust into the atmosphere blocking sunlight for several years. 

NASA says the chances of an impact are almost non existent!

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