Severe weather could affect nearly 75 million

A large swirling low pressure system in the upper levels of the atmosphere continues to spin in western Montana.

At the surface, a frontal boundary spans the country from western Nebraska to eastern Pennsylvania. Another boundary stretches from that same spot in Nebraska down to southwest Texas.

All of these elements are coming together for severe weather across the country both north to south and east to west.


The biggest threat for today will be large hail across the Central Plains.


The threat for wind will be more widespread, but the chances of damaging wind are slightly  less than hail.


Finally, a tornado threat is much smaller both in scale and probability, centered over an area where South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa meet.


All of these ingredients have been stuck in nearly the same spot for the last two days, causing tornadoes, large hail and wind.

On Monday, people reported about 30 tornadoes, some of which were large and destructive.


Tuesday, there were 31 more tornado reports all the way from Montana to Michigan.


This will be the third day in a row we see severe weather across the country.


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