Shopping tips for buying a generator



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Shopping for a generator?  Here are some tips to think about before buying.

Shopping Tips

  • Ask the dealer how many watts it will put out and for how long and how big a load it can handle.
  • You could spend around $350 for a 2,400 watts model, $600 for an industrial-strength model. A television uses 300 watts; a freezer, 330; a water heater 3,000.
  • Compare brands and models. Get manufacturer's toll-free numbers for technical questions.
  • Make sure you have the right cords and connectors or the generator will be useless. Consider an auxiliary fuel tank.
  • Don't fill fuel tanks until right before the storm. Stored fuel will grow stale and is unsafe in a hot garage.
  • Most starters use rope pulls. If your use a battery, make sure it's kept charged.
  • Buy now, not after the storm. You'll pay a lot less.
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