TROPICAL STORM SANDY: Thrill-seekers propelled by high winds, strong waves

Storm sends kite-boarders flying

JUPITER, Fla. -- - The outer bands of Hurricane Sandy continued to move through Palm Beach County on Friday, bring rain, strong gusts and big waves.

The blustery conditions were enough to send many away from the beach but not wild enough to push away some thrill-seekers.

At stairway 33 in Jupiter, Hurricane Sandy brewed up the perfect recipe for kite-boarders like Jeremy Lund.

"We live for days like this. It's really a nice experience that doesn't come around very often. It's not that we're totally nuts  or looking to get hurt," said Lund, who teachers classes on the sport at New Wave Kite-Boarding.

Lund said it is all about the adrenaline rush. Banking off the 40-to-50 MPH winds created by the outer bands of Sandy, Lund and other launch themselves as high as 40 feet above the ocean.

"Just to jump up like that, it's like having all the power in the world," said Lund.

At times on Friday, Sandy was too much for some, sending not only big waves but patches of sand stingingly into the air.

It was enough for Lund to call it a day, realizing he tested the force of nature enough.

"Super, super gusty. It pretty much felt like a freight train dragging you around. It was really powerful," said Lund.

It was a powerful showing by Hurricane Sandy, but only a fraction of the force behind the storm that continued to move hundreds of miles off shore through South Florida.

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