Trail of damage: Superstorm Sandy makes its mark up the East Coast & extending to Ohio, Great Lakes

Effects of Sandy wide-ranging

BALTIMORE - The East Coast is not the only area that felt the wrath of the superstorm. 

Sandy's center made landfall along the southern coast of New Jersey as a post-tropical cyclone Monday night but didn't stop or lose steam there. 

Hours later, the effects of the storm were being felt all the way into Ohio, continuing to halt travel and create havoc. 

Hundreds of thousands are without power in northeast Ohio , as trees and power lines were downed. Vicious waves on Lake Erie broke the wall of a marina, sinking sailboats and weather may have played a role in buckling walls of a downtown Cleveland building .

Folks in the Cincinnati Tri-State area stepped outside to snow dusting their lawns and rooftops .

Sandy's reach has been astounding, beginning in the Caribbean, where it led to 21 deaths. Google's crisis map helps put into perspective the scope of the storm, with power outages as far north as Canada, south as North Carolina and west as Michigan.

That's no typical storm. This one was a hybrid combining elements of rain, wind and snow in an enormous system that made 2011's also destructive Hurricane Irene pale in comparison. 

While the worst of Sandy has passed now, the aftermath will continue to be felt for days, as transportation systems get back in gear and crews work to restore power.

What was originally coined a 'Frankenstorm' proved no trick or treat - it was real and deadly, a vast storm that carved a large path of destruction.

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