Size of Sandy may not be fully understood

By 10 a.m. Sunday morning Hurricane Sandy was two days from southern Florida and about a day or two from Maryland, but it's impact was felt in both locations.

Streets in Ocean City, Md. had already begun to flood from storm surge. In Jensen Beach, Fla., the storm never got closer than 200 miles from the coast, but those living in the area reported waves as high as 15 feet Sunday.

"People don't get it," said Jensen Beach resident Jeff Order. "The water level surge is going to get 1-2 feet higher in Maryland, but the winds will push it and create devastation. The size of this storm is incredible."

Order works in Maryland and Florida, often commuting state-to-state.

"The difference with this storm is that nobody gets how big this storm is… The power and the width of this storm is huge. The beach and properties along the beach here in Florida are still being destroyed by storm surge," he said.


Order said homes and garages have been washed away due to the storm surge. He was fascinated by that as the storm never touched the area.

"I've been trying to send emails and text and call people… Be prepared. But, I don't think people get an extent of what this thing looks like right now. Some of my friends, I don't think, are taking heed."

Tropical storm force winds extend outward from Sandy for about 520 miles. Hurricane force winds extend outward from the storm for about 175 miles. The National Weather Service describes the storm surge as "life-threatening." Perhaps the most alarming fact of all, Sandy began to strengthen Sunday morning.

A mandatory evacuation for parts of downtown Ocean City was ordered at about 10:30 a.m.

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