More than 45 agencies join forces at MEMA Joint Operations Center to handle 'killer storm'

REISTERSTOWN, Md. - Many different agencies came together Sunday in Reisterstown at the Maryland Emergency Management Agency Joint Operations Center.

From state police to the American Red Cross, more than 45 agencies have teamed up working around the clock to keep people safe and informed about Hurricane Sandy.

Every few hours, the different agencies come together for a briefing.

The Maryland National Guard is making sure they have people in the right place when requests come in.

"We have about 200 people ready to deploy to any area when needed," LTC Charles Kohler of the Maryland National Guard said.

While MEMA is doing all it can to be prepared for Sandy, they encourage the public to do the same.

"This storm coming into this population is a killer storm. We may see many people without power. This is a serious storm so do what you can," Ken Mallette, MEMA Executive Director said.

Governor Martin O'Malley will speak at another news conference at 7 p.m. with an update on Hurricane Sandy.

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