Flood concerns along the Chesapeake Bay for Sandy

Residents of Millers Island and Bowleys Quarters have seen hurricanes and storms. They told ABC2 News though that they're already seeing things with this storm they never have before.

The Millers Island community is one of the most exposed to the high winds and surging waters of Sandy.

"Hunker down and wait and see," resident Adrian Goodman said about Sandy.

Many of these residents felt the wrath of Isabel in 2003 and they've learned lessons from that.

"If we get a surge I think we're pretty prepared for it," Mike Goodman said.

Some near the bay are leaving to avoid the possibility of being stranded. With so many forecasts for the storm, preparation is paramount.

"Our crews are fully staffed. We have plenty of resources available to us. All we have to do is make the phone call into MEMA," Lt. John Heinz of Bowleys Quarters Fire Department said.

After Isabel, residents were forced to build homes higher, so they may be even better prepared.

Police presence was also high in the waterside communities of Millers Island and Bowleys Quarters to prevent any type of looting.

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