Area residents brace themselves for big storm

BALTIMORE - In Timonium Thursday night, weather worried shoppers were getting ready for Sandy.

It wasn't toilet paper or bottled water they were looking for. Prolonging power was top of mind for these folks.

There were plenty of tarps to cover up, but not a lot generators to get you going. Instead they found lots of empty store shelves at Lowes

"People come in they know the storm is coming they are trying to get ready.  We are completely cleaned out by lunchtime.  I was sold out."

Generators like this one from Curtis Engine and Equipment are attached and ready to run.  After some of the storms we've seen this summer with outages lasting for days....and more than week for others...larger generators attached to your home were a worthwhile investment for some.

But even with those you still need to be prepared for whatever Sandy may bring.

"This could be a long one again.  Once the winds kick up and the tree limbs come down we could in for a serious outage so our generators come on just about 90% of the time, its oh gee I forgot the fuel."

And just as customers are getting ready. So is BGE.

The Utility is preparing for a scenario with hundreds of thousands of outages through out central Maryland.

 BGE is taking advantage of the storm still being a few days away.

"BGE has pre-mobilized our employees....from this storm."

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