Condo Association gets backlash after telling soldier to take down American flag

Condo association backs down after firestorm

A condo association has backed down after an uproar over whether an Alabama solider has the right to fly an American flag outside his home.  A Huntsville television station, WHNT has been following the story and it has exploded on social media.  This all started when the couple received a note from the complex telling them to  remove the flag. The note read the flag violates the home owners association by-laws.

Staff Sergeant Brandon Weir shared the letter on facebook and several several veteran advocacy facebook pages and it got a lot of support, even sparking a demonstration where people showed up with American flags and stood outside his home. 
The Condo association president and property manager says they recognize The American Flag Act of 2005 -- which states a condominium, cooperative or residential real estate management association may not adopt or enforce any policy or enter into any agreement that would restrict or prevent a member from displaying the flag of the United States. The act does however, contain limitations to protect condominium associations in some instances. 
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