NFL replacement referee frustrations continue

It's been a headache, an office debate, even a punch line. Until now. We are talking about replacement refs in the NFL.

If you didn't stay up for Monday night football. You'll hear about this today.

Just three weeks into the NFL season and the frustrations over the replacement refs have reached a boiling point.

Coaches, players and fans are frustrated with questionable officiating.

Things came to a head Monday night in the Seattle-Green Bay game.

Seattle tried for a game winning Hail Mary pass that looked like an interception. But the refs were literally giving mixed signals.

The stunning ending seems to hurt not just the Packers record, but the very integrity of the game.

The replacement refs come from the college level and the indoor arena league.

The NFL turned to them after they locked out the regular refs when their contract expired in June. There are few signs of progress in the negotiations and some see little reason for the NFL to cave when fans are still filling stadiums and tuning in on TV.

The New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick was angry about the calls in the game against the Ravens. He grabbed an officials arm.

"I'm not going to comment on that you saw the game. What did we have 30 penalties called in the game?" he said.

The lockout has created a social media firestorm with some players venting on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging fans to contact NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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