Mercy High senior Kayla Lari named Athlete of the Week

BALTIMORE - Kayla Lari volunteers with autistic children, goes to school, studies hard and plays sports. And for all that she is the Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week.

Lari is a volleyball star at Mercy High School. The senior captain has dad to thank for all the approaches, back sets, decoys and dives.

There was once a time that the young Lari had trouble acing her serves. So she turned to her father for help.

 "He said ‘one day you'll do it,'" Lari said.

Hours of practice paid off.

"She has a wonderful serve that messes up the opponents in terms of them returning it," Mary Ella Mario, Mercy's athletics director, said.

But Lari puts in as much time in the classroom as she does on the court. She's currently enrolled in the toughest math and science courses offered at Mercy.

She has aspirations one day of becoming a nurse.

But for now, she's focused on the next match.

"It's different from every other sport," Lari said. "There are six people on the court for a reason. You have to be with one heart. You have to be one team, one person."

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