Which team does the Harbaugh family want to win the Super Bowl?


The Ravens are getting ready for the super bowl. They have two more home practices before heading to New Orleans.

This year's super bowl is special, not only because the ravens are playing but because it's going to be a first in super bowl history... Two brothers will face off against each other as head coaches.

The Ravens' John Harbaugh will be competing against his little brother, 49ers' Jim Harbaugh.

Now the coaches' family is speaking out.

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh won't be taking sides. They hope the Super Bowl ends in a tie.

While the family may not be able to decide which team to root for there is one thing they know for sure.

"If we don't enjoy it... We are going to let a great opportunity slip through our fingers. So that's the one thing, we are going to enjoy it," said Joani Crean, sister of John and Jim.

"It's a joyful moment, but especially for my father who is 97 years old is going to be there and this is a joyful moment for him too," said Jackie Harbaugh.

Mrs. Harbaugh went on to say that their whole family is excited.

She says a lot of them are planning to travel to the big easy for the big game. 

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