Trip to AFC Championship will be costly

You can watch the AFC Championship from the comfort of your living room, or you could make the trip to Foxborough, to watch the Ravens beat the Patriots in person.

That will cost you a pretty penny, but it's nothing compared with what you'd pay if the Ravens move on to the Super Bowl.

The dramatic win over Denver is only one factor increasing the buzz -- and the ticket prices for this weekend's game in New England.

Broker Steve Nickel, who owns Sports Tickets Unlimited in Timonium, says the cheapest ticket you'll find will run you somewhere between $250 and $300.

"Last year, for the same exact game it was 50 to 75 dollars cheaper. So this extra wave of our enthusiasm from Baltimore has really pushed the ticket market more than it was last year," Nickel said.

But there will be hundreds -- possibly thousands of Ravens fans at Gillette Stadium Sunday night.

WNST's Nestor Aparicio has been putting together bus trips for years.

This time, prices range from $525 to $625, which includes transportation, hotel, a Saturday night party and a game ticket.

Aparicio put the trip up for sale this past Saturday night at the Denver airport, just after the Ravens beat the Broncos.

"By the time I got airborne and I got my wifi up and working the first bus was already sold out," he said.

Now he's up to five busses; approaching 250 people.  "This is an affordable trip, it's the last chance before they go to the Super Bowl," he said.  "There's a revenge factor, there's a Ray Lewis factor, there's a Tom Brady factor there's a Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones factor."

Steve nickel says if you think 300 bucks is a lot for the AFC Championship, wait until you see Super Bowl prices.

He's predicting at least $2000 for each game ticket.

Something Ravens fans hope they'll have the opportunity to budget for.

"Everybody wants to plan the next step, hoping that there's the next step to plan," he said.
If the Ravens do make it to the Super Bowl, Steve Nickel says a match-up against San Francisco would be more expensive than Atlanta.

There's the Harbaugh brothers factor, plus Atlanta fans don't travel well.

Either way, once you include Super Bowl-inflated New Orleans hotel and airfare prices Nickel says a Super Bowl trip will likely exceed $5,000 per person.

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