Super Bowl: Superdome quiet as media, early birds trickle in

NEW ORLEANS - Super Bowl 47 kicks off Sunday evening in what is bound to be an action packed, star-studded celebration of football.

The scene inside the Superdome two hours before the game is much different that it will be by the time Alicia Keys sings the national anthem.

Small pockets of fans dot the rings of the 73,000+ capacity building. Members of the media will fill an entire corner of the complex.

On the field some players have started to stretch and jog slowly back and forth across the turf.

A pair of jumbo-trons are looping through highlights from the past season. Scenes of Adrian Peterson running his way to the MVP award, Joe Flacco's late game tying 70 yard pass to Jacoby Jones in Denver, and quick clips of players welcoming fans to the game.

The sidelines are color coordinated to reflect the teams that will enter to a packed stadium.

The excitement is and the buzz of the Superdome is building, and shortly the eyes of millions of football fans will be here with those who made the trip.


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