Baltimore streaker clad with a cause

The only people in the crowd at Sunday night's Ravens game that knew what was about to happen were Mark Harvey and his buddy who shot the video.

After a knowing smile for the camera, Harvey disappears into the stands only to reappear on the grid iron clad only in a cape and a pair of batman boxer briefs.

After entertaining the crowd for a while, batman was no match for security.

Harvey would spend the night at central booking dressed almost as he was arrested.

"They took my cape and my hat but I was dressed like this.  Actually the shorts I had on, I don't know how they got them but they had the shorts I had on, so I had my shorts and they gave me my own private cell which was pretty cool.  People walked by snapping pictures of me in jail," said Harvey.

The pictures he hopes reveals what the video Sunday night and his interview here today does, the most important part of his costume, the message painted on his chest.

 ‘Don't be a bully' it reads, ‘be a super hero.'   

"You don't have to be special powers, just make a friend, stick up for someone you don't know that's being bullied and all that...and that's being a super hero in itself, so that's what I came up with."

The impetus of which wasn't nearly as innocent.

Sunday night is Harvey's second time streaking a field, he also did it on opening day this year at Camden Yards.

There was no message then, just a prank he always wanted to do and this year opening day fell on his birthday, but the attention he received around it that convinced him he could use his powers for good.

Harvey has a website now, ‘' that sells tee-shirts and wristbands, 20 percent of its proceeds he says now go to different organizations to help bullied kids.

A cause he picked up after seeing any number of news stories about bullied students including the shooting at Perry Hall on the first day of school.

"All the stories really hit home and I just thought maybe this would be a good idea to get it out there and just say hey, be a superhero.  You don't have to be a bully...bullying, that's for losers."

Harvey says if his antics saves a child's life or pain, then the night in central booking was worth it.

A simple and important message but the way he chose to deliver it may cost him, he is charged with trespassing, disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct.

Harvey, a rabid Orioles and Ravens fan is also banned for life from Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium.

Harvey says he has yet to hire an attorney, ironically though, the caped crusader's trial is scheduled for Halloween.

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