Ray Rice assault charges could be dismissed with completion of intervention program

Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice has been approved for the Pre-Trial Intervention program of New Jersey following charges of assaulting his then-girlfriend in an Atlantic City hotel, according to a release from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Criminal charges against Rice will be dismissed if he successfully completes the program.

“This decision was arrived at after careful consideration of the information contained in Mr. Rice’s application in light of all of the facts gathered during the investigation.” Acting prosecutor Jim McClain said in the release. “After considering all relevant information in light of application law it was determinted that this was the appropriate disposition.”

The Baltimore Ravens organization declined to comment on the case until they first hear from Rice himself. It is unknown if the NFL will penalize Rice for the charges.  

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Rice and then-girlfriend now-wife Janay Palmer were both charged with simple assault and a disorderly person offense.

Rice pleaded not guilty on May 1 , the same day he submitted his application for the intervention program.
The program is applicable to first-time offenders accused of fourth or third degree crimes, the release states.

General information regarding the approval for Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI):

  • The term of the PTI program—at minimum 12 months in duration—will be set by Atlantic County Superior Court.
  • The participant is supervised by Court personnel to ensure compliance with the program’s requirements.
  • Successful completion of the PTI program will result in dismissal of the case. The arrest will remain on the applicant’s record, but no conviction.
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