Ravens tackle melanoma

Stinchcomb's wife & Ravens battle melanoma

BALTIMORE - Wayne Stinchcomb was getting out of bed one morning, when his wife noticed a weird looking mole and his wife said, you better get it checked out.

Three years later, the life of the party was gone.

Stinchcomb's wife Lisa walked onto the field before the Ravens game Thursday night to help spread awareness about melanoma but she will not walk out there alone.

Lisa believes that Wayne was walking on the field with her.

His life never wandered out of the 21234 zip or too far from the Carney Tower. His life was his family, followed by his Ravens.

Wayne, an accountant, did not count on dying at 45 of melanoma. 

That's skin cancer, that's treatable.  That doesn't end a life of a father of two.

The lesson in this sad story, is to get to your dermatologist.

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This year with the help of Shock Cancer and Kelly's Dream they hope to raise  $20,000 to fight melanoma.         

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