Ravens player supports same-sex marriage fundraiser

Brendon Ayanbadejo in spotlight

BALTIMORE - NFL player Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings is spending time in the national spotlight but not for his football skills.

Last week the punter wrote a letter in support of Baltimore Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Ayanbadejo was recently criticized by Maryland State Delegate Emmett Burns for donating tickets to a fundraiser supporting same-sex marriage.

Delegate Burns wrote a letter to the Ravens ownership, slamming Ayanbadejo for what he called a public endorsement of same-sex marriage.

Kluwe told a news station Ayanbadejo has a right to support whatever group he chooses to.

"Um yeah because I see it as civil rights and a freedom of speech issue. I mean, people should be free to support causes like gay marriage and equality. It's really just kinda discouraging to see a state representative come forward and say, 'no, you should be silent because you're a football player, said Kluwe."

Kluwe's letter in support of Ayanbadejo was posted on deadspin.com .

Burns has since said he was wrong in writing the letter, according to theadvocate.com .

Information from CNN.

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