Ravens make history as legends collide

DENVER - "What happens if we do the impossible?"

Those are the words I will remember from Ray Lewis.

What we experienced on Saturday night was a Mile High . This game will go down as "One of the greatest Ravens games of all time," according to the man who has seen them all, Ray Lewis. 

He compared it to when the Ravens got over the hump in beating Jacksonville at home during the Super Bowl run. 

"Somebody in Baltimore had their life changed today cause we showed them hope," Ray Lewis said in a post-game press conference.

That catch by Jacoby Jones and the throw by Joe Flacco will go down in Ravens history.

Ray Rice told me after the game, "It reminded me of my moment, Hey Diddle Diddle Ray Rice up the middle, in San Diego, now we have to go make Jacoby t-shirts." 

What else did players say after the game? CLICK HERE

When the game went into overtime, Justin Tucker came on the field to practice a field goal from 43 yards. He made it. Then he made the game winner from 47. 

That throw and catch though to send this game into overtime, will rank right up there with Joe Montana's "The Catch" to Dwight Clark;  "The Immaculate Reception" with the Pittsburgh Steelers and any "Hail Mary's" you've ever seen. 

And while Ray Lewis was up at the podium talking like only Ray can talk, a woman peaked her head into the room and waved.  It was Peyton Manning's wife. Ray went out of the room and there was Peyton, showered, dressed and holding one of his children.  He was there to talk to Ray Lewis and to wish him well.

Two legends -- class act that Peyton Manning. 

Will it be Houston?  Will it be New England to revenge last years heartbreaking loss?  It really doesn't matter.  Maybe we are watching "The Impossible" happen before our very eyes.

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