Ravens' Lewis, Webb out for season

BALTIMORE - At a press conference Monday, the Baltimore Ravens announced team leader Ray Lewis has a triceps tear and is done for the season. It was also confirmed that Lardarius Webb is also out for the year with an ACL tear.

At the same press conference, Ravens coach John Harbaugh answered questions about Terrell Suggs. While he says the team has not yet made a decision on allowing Suggs to practice, he is eligible to play.

The 37-year-old Lewis suffered a triceps injury to his right arm in the team's 31-29 win over Dallas Sunday . The injury came on a fourth quarter tackle of Cowboys running back Phillip Tanner.

When asked if this injury could mean an end to the aging linebacker's career, Harbaugh says he would not speak for Lewis. 

"You know I'm not going to make a comment on that, although I understand you asking it. That's for Ray to speak on. I admire Ray Lewis I've said that many times and I think everybody in this room does, and everybody that knows him feels that way about him.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he says about that"  Harbaugh told reporters. 

In his 17 th season, Lewis is the NFL's active career tackles leader. The 13-time Pro Bowl participant also has more interceptions among active linebackers than any other player. Webb, in his fourth season, hurt his knee in a first-quarter collision with Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant. Webb was the top cornerback on the depth chart for the Ravens, and early in the season was showing signs of what beat reporters describe as a "Pro Bowl year."

As the team looks to move forward, Harbaugh said improvement in tackling is a must. He said that will be a focus of players at coaches, and that he is confident in the ability of the players who will replace Lewis and Webb.

"I think a big part of it just as coaches is understanding what our guys are capable of from a schemes standpoint," Harbaugh said. "What they are capable of doing well, how they can play fast within the context of the scheme."

Lewis' replacement will be Daniel Ellerbe, a 6-foot-1, 240-pound UGA graduate that has been in the NFL for four years. The loss of Webb will definitely spell some moving and shaking the the Ravens' secondary and will likely mean more playing time for Jimmy Smith.

"The guys who are going to be playing are the guys who stepped up last year  to a large extent. Those guys have played a lot of football and we've got a lot of confidence in those guys. You're talking about Jameel and Danell and of course Albert if he slides inside to play a little bit we just have to see how it goes.  Yeah, I feel good about that."  Harbaugh says.

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