Ravens Haloit Ngata helps continue Baltimore's "Festivus" t-shirt celebration

COLUMBIA, Md. - One of the big traditions for the Baltimore Ravens and their fans is not actually calling the playoffs... playoffs. It's actually referred to as "festivus."

As the Ravens prepare for their first home playoff game in the 2006 season, one Howard County company is making the t-shirts featuring your favorite Ravens players.

Ravens running back Ray Rice scored two touchdowns on Sunday to help beat the Cincinnati Bengals and secure a home game in the divisional round of the playoffs. He also helped kick start Festivus time once again.

"All Ravens fans are familiar with 'Festivus'." says Fred Fillah. "It was a tremendous time, it was a period when everybody came together and got behind the word."

Fillah is referring to the 2000 season when then-coach Brian Billick wouldn't allow the team to us the word "playoffs." So offensive lineman Edwin Mulitalo came up with the term: Festivus. It then became "Festivus Maximus" when the team made it to Super Bowl XXXV.

On Monday, Pro-Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata was at Nightmare Graphics in Columbia helping make t-shirts that carry on that tradition.

"I'm happy to pass it on and be a part of something really awesome," says Ngata. "I never thought I'd have my face on a t-shirt\, but it's pretty awesome."

The print shop plans to make around 10,000 shirts costing around $20. You can find a link to their website to order your shirts here or to the left.

To get a T-shirt, click here .

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