Ravens fans head to the big game

LITHICUM, Md - You see them everywhere at BWI-Thurgood Marshall these days.

Purple flowers popping up behind the ticket counters and on the walk ways, some with the number 52.

For folks going to the big game it's a must but getting there involves planning.

To leave BWI, for the New Orleans sky, that's logistics.

"We're flying to Charlotte and then to Jackson and we're staying in Biloxi, but it's worth it" Chris and Scott Duncan say. "Oh yeah I mean how many times do you get to do this and then we're going to rent a limo for Sunday that will pick us up to go to the Superbowl then come get us and take us back."

In fact if you didn't make your plans probably seconds after the Ravens beat the Patriots you probably are flying everywhere just shy of Brazil just to make it to the game.

But for fans getting there is about love.

Not just for the team

For example if you want to make you husband happy give him a Super Bowl Birthday bash.

"This is my 40th birthday present. It's my treat it's all my treat."  Chris and Jacky Arthur told ABC2News.

Or you can be like the White's from Randallstown.

They've got to go through Orlando and Mississippi before they get to New Orleans

But this trip is making them feel like when they were first dating.

Because there are no kids.

"This is the first time in almost 20 years that we took a vacation alone first time. He used to go to all the Ravens game with me he's in college right now his first year so he's got to stay." Gene White says.

"Oh yes I'm so looking forward to that ever been ...no so we're going to see everything and do everything in one day." Beverly White says.

Or you can be a proud dad whose daughter got him on a special flight to go to the game.

Going to a Super Bowl has always been one of Steve's biggest dreams.

And his daughter made it possible.

"Never missed one on TV but never been to one in person so we're gonna start to party tonight" Steve Powell says.

Several airlines actually added flights to New Orleans to meet the demand.

Delta had the most today with four flights going direct, but they were booked a while ago.

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