Ravens Fans Channel Their 'Inner Flacco'

The Fanstache

BALTIMORE - Friday morning, Ravens fans began getting themselves into the spirit by joining the cheerleaders and Marching Ravens for the Purple Caravan through Baltimore and the surrounding area.

While the fan spirit was clearly on display, apparently so was the facial hair. Following quaterback Joe Flacco's lead from early in the season, many guys are trying their hand at growing a Fu Manchu mustache.

But if making the handlebar mustache a reality is harder than you thought, you can always go the route of "The Fanstache."

The brainchild of five die hard Ravens fans, "The Fanstache" originated during a Sunday afternoon of watching football.

"We cut out a few purple mustaches and were playing around with them," Co-founder Jason Daly said. "It just sort of hit of us, 'We can market this.'"

Now a hit among many Ravens fans, "The Fanstache" can be seen almost everywhere you look as Baltimore continues its run through the Playoffs. With that, the guys who designed that sticky little piece of purple felt is getting national attention.

"We've been covered by the news, in the paper, even by ESPN last week," Co-founder Nick Schauman said. "And when we beat New England, we are taking "The Fanstache" to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl."

One dollar of every Fanstache sold benefits Baltimore's Living Classroom. The reason, according to Schauman, was inspired by Flacco.

"This is one of  most important organizations Joe works with, so this was our way of helping out with him," he said.

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