Ravens and MedStar team up to tackle concussion awareness

OWINGS MILLS, Md. - We know the Ravens can win on the field, but now the team is tackling a new challenge, trying to raise awareness about concussions associated with youth sports.   The Ravens are partnering with MedStar Sports Medicine to accomplish their goal.

As part of the partnership, the Ravens have given the health agency's Concussion Program a $125,000 grant.  That money will be used for a variety of things, including baseline testing for student athletes.  That testing will give doctors an opportunity to look at before and after images should an athlete deal with a concussion.   

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Education is also a huge piece of the partnership.  Both the Ravens and MedStar Sports Medicine will be reaching out to anyone connected to a student athlete to make sure they're up to speed on what to look for with concussions and the dangers of playing.  Doctor Andrew Tucker, with MedStar Sports Medicine and also Ravens Team Physician, says, "We need to continue to educate parents and young athletes and the coaches and everybody around youth sports regarding these signs and symptoms because proper management on the front end can hopefully prevent issues and problems on the back end.  That's the goal."

During a press conference today, the partners also unveiled a new concussion PSA starring Ravens starting Linebacker Jameel McClain. 

In addition, 150 clipboards were handed out to youth sports coaches, high school football coaches and athletic directors in the Baltimore area.  Those clipboards detail signs and symptoms as well as the action plan you should take if a kid takes a hit to the head.

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