Fans get glimpse of field, debate AFC Championship's outcome

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - They were heard before they were seen. Whether Patriots or Ravens fans, they had the same goal.

"Let's snap a photo of Gillette Stadium before tomorrow's game," the exact phrase was said by more than one person as crowds peered through the blue steel gates protecting Gillette Stadium.

Ravens fans were there in hopes of getting a photo of the field prior to the team winning the AFC Championship. Patriots fans could be heard whispering a different goal, hopes of a more historic situation – a photo of the field where Ray Lewis played his last game.

Anthony Galati and his two best friends drove 10 hours from Toronto in hopes of seeing what they believe will be Lewis' final game. They're almost certain it will happen. They bought their tickets last week with that in mind.

They said coming to see the stadium the day before the big game was a no-brainer.

"I'm hoping for a blowout," Galati said. "I don't know what it's going to be.  …I think tomorrow is his (Lewis') last game."

Ravens fans getting a sneak peak and photos of Gillette Stadium heard the chatter. Fans like Mike Witt of Waldorf, Maryland had no problem responding.

""No, he's got two more games," Witt said. "That's what we've been saying in response to that. He's got two more games. "

What did Witt think of Gillete Stadium? It's a nice place to take a victory.

"I'm feeling good. We've always kinda had New England's number. We've had Brady's number. They escaped us last year, and this is our time to win it," he said.

Kickoff in Sunday's AFC Championship is 6:30 p.m.


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