Ray Rice nearly lost license over $70 ticket

ELKTON, Md. - After failing to pay a $70 window tint citation, Ray Rice was in danger of losing his driver's license until ABC2 contacted his attorney. 

The $70 ticket was issued to Ray Rice on Super Bowl Sunday.

Court records show Raymell M. Rice, 27, was issued the citation while driving on Interstate 95 in Cecil County at 2:07 p.m. on February 2, 2014. That citation was for operating a vehicle on a highway with unauthorized window tinting.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration states that drivers issued citations have 30 days from the day of issue to pay the fine or request a court date. Records indicate Rice did neither of those things, resulting in a "Failure to Comply - Suspension" notice being issued March 10, 2014.

That letter, according to MVA spokesman Buel Young, informs the driver their license will be automatically suspended if they do not take action to settle the citation within a certain window of time.

Young indicates the Failure to Comply notification gives drivers who have not handled their citation roughly 26 days to take action before losing their license. Rice's Philadelphia-based criminal attorney, Michael Diamondstein, says the citation will be taken care of immediately.

On Thursday Rice was indicted by a grand jury in New Jersey on charges related to the assault of his fiancee.

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