Broncos ready for cold, Ravens?

Broncos fans braved snow and cold Friday afternoon to root on the team, a day before their big playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Thousands waited in line, some for hours, to take part in a Pep Rally outside Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Christina Spoonemoore and her family were among those who took part. She said the cold didn't dampen their spirit.

"You come out here and you're cold for a second and see all the energy and you're just like 'man I've got on too many layers," said Spoonemoore.

With temperatures expected to be in the low 20s and possibly teens during the game, Broncos team officials are urging fans to bundle up Saturday. The team is allowing fans to bring small bags to store extra layers and small blankets inside the stadium. Hand warmers are also permitted.

Begs the question... How will the team perform in the cold weather? ( More )

Kickoff is at 4:30 p.m.

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