Baltimore Ravens fire offensive coordinator Cam Cameron

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - With just three games left in the NFL's regular season, the Baltimore Ravens have fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

On Sunday the defense gave up a last-minute touchdown to the Redskins' back-up quarterback, and then the special teams gave up a long punt return in overtime, which led to the game winning field goal.

But on Monday, it was the head of the Ravens offense who got the boot.

Cameron was the architect of an offense that was expected to be high-powered this year, instead they are ranked 18th in the NFL.

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Head coach John Harbaugh was asked whether Sunday's loss to the Redskins had anything to do with the timing of Cameron's exit.

"People are going to believe what they want to believe. It's what I believe is best going forward for our offense and for our football team," he said.

Did Ravens' owner Steve Bisciotti order Harbaugh to fire Cameron?

"I'm not getting into any of that," Harbaugh said.

He was also asked whether star running back Ray Rice should be getting the ball more.

"If you look at the numbers for the course of the year he's right on schedule for what he's been for the last four years that he's been here," Harbaugh said.

But that's not exactly true -- last year Rice averaged 18 carries and four passes caught per game -- 22 so-called "touches" every week.

This year, it's been 14 carries and about 3.5 receptions per game; 17.5 touches through the first 13 games of 2012.

Still, all Harbaugh would say is.  "At this time the move was made to give us a chance to be the best we can be."

Former Colts head coach Jim Caldwell will take over the offense -- he said fans should not expect to see radical changes this Sunday against Denver.

"It's not a system change," Caldwell said.  "Obviously the Ravens offense is the Ravens offense.  It's not a philosophical.  John sets the philosophy here of this team and we follow suit."

ABC-2's Scott Garceau said the timing of the move puzzles him -- with the team at 9 and 4, and only three games left to go before what Ravens fans hope will be another playoff run.

"I think it does have a little panic to it," Garceau said.  "And then you couple it with back to back losses to Pittsburgh and the Redskins. I don't really get it but I think, yeah, looking from the outside there's a little knee-jerk to this," he said.

Garceau said it is the Ravens most surprising in-season move that he can remember..

The new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell made a brief statement Monday but he did not take questions.

He says he's already started working with the offense and he will take some questions from the media on Thursday.

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