Baltimore company rebuilds Katrina homes


A lot of people may think New Orleans already has a lot of help, but they need more. 
Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and destroyed thousands of home as well as the city's transportation system.  
Empty lots are now where schools and homes used to stand. But for one homeowner, she was lucky to got back into her home today.  
Cynthia Davis' home was restored by the St. Bernard Project thanks to donations from Veolia Transportation. The Davis home was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, but Cynthia was unable to receive funding to repair her home and was forced to leave the state and move in with relatives. 
In July 2010, she returned to the city determined to restore her home. 
Veolia Transportation funded the costs of all materials for Davis' renovation with support of the Regional Transit Authority and the management expertise of the St. Bernard Project. 
Veolia Transportation may sound familiar. They run the Charm City Circulator in Baltimore. Now the company has joined forces with the St. Bernard Project to build and renovate homes in New Orleans. 
Mark Joseph, CEO of Veolia says "We couldn't be happier, every time we're involved in a program like this, we get much more than we give. So we're thrilled to be part of it."
Ravens fans in New Orleans for the Super Bowl now have the chance to help out as well. The Ravens Nation is invited to volunteer at the St. Bernard Projects sites. 
ABC 2 News has partnered with the Project to rehabilitate more homes. 
We're looking for volunteers, it will only take a few hours of your time, or even a donation. 
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