Arthur Jones, the next emotional leader for the Baltimore Ravens?

NEW ORLEANS - What happened was unexpected.

As the epically long 3 rd quarter neared its end, the gap in the score between the Ravens and 49ers became closer. This is the time when the old Ravens would usually look to players like Ray Lewis to keep them going.

A partial power outage took out the scoreboards, overhead lights, and left some corridors of the Superdome pitch black for a few moments of uncertainty. That caused a 30 minute delay in game action, and it also brought life to the 49ers. Their offense started to score and that kept the ball away from Flacco.

In fact there were more than 80 minutes between offensive drives where ‘The General'  got his hands on the football .

On the night of Super Bowl 47, it was different. Defensive end Arthur Jones, was first to the field waving his arms in the air in a successful effort to get Ravens fans on their feet in the stands.

Jones had a fumble recovery and a sack in the game, but his actions motivated the crowd and may have given his team the lift it needed as the game moved into the 4 th and final quarter.

When the final seconds ticked away and the Ravens team, and fans watching at home or inside the Superdome were able to exhale, there was Jones again. He was one of the last players to leave the field, but not before taking the time to celebrate with his family, or before taking the Maryland flag for a victory lap atop his shoulder pads.

Ravens fans that stuck around may have witnessed something unexpected. As Ray Lewis was inside talking to a swarm of reporters about his final game, one of the younger defensive players took time to shake hands with Ravens fans.

Arthur Jones, DE

It was a scene that shared some similarities to the time Cal Ripken, Jr. toured around Oriole Park at Camden Yards in September of 1995.

After the game, Jones responded to a question about the possibility of being the Ravens next emotional leader.

"We'll see. I'm going to keep working hard, and if that roll falls under me then I'm going to accept that role and I'm going to embrace it. Right now, it's about celebrating with my team and getting the job done. It was amazing today, and you know we have the best fans in the NFL. I appreciate these guys" Jones said.

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