Anquan Boldin describes Ravens as more complete team

Anquan Boldin says the Baltimore Ravens are a more complete team.

Boldin spoke to the media Friday in New Orleans as his team was making final preparations. The final walk through was brief and players "didn't break a sweat."

Boldin has been a key figure in the Ravens playoff run. His tough physical playing style and strong hands has given Quarterback, Joe Flacco, a reliable target all season long.

In the Wild Card game against the Indianapolis Colts Boldin had no catches in the first half but his play in the second half turned the game around. By the time the game ended he had seven catches for 145 yards and a touchdown.

"My mentality is if the ball's in the air, it's definitely my ball. I think you're taught that as a receiver. I think any receiver is taught that. Any time the ball is in your area, it's your ball. The ball isn't going to be perfect every time. We get paid to make plays. That's our mentality. Any time the ball's in the air, go attack it. It's our ball" Boldin said.

This is the second Super Bowl for Boldin. He played for the Cardinals in a losing effort in Super Bowl 43 in 2009. His advice to younger players is to not use too much energy throughout the day. He recalls pre-game activities and half-time as being extra long.

Boldin also remarked about the progress the Ravens have made as a whole in the three years he's been with the franchise.

"We're a more complete team, as opposed to in the past just relying on the defense, not losing the game on offense. I think we've evolved to being a complete team, all three phases: offense, defense, special teams. I think there's certain games this year where you saw the offense take over. You've seen places where the defense stood up and seen games where our special teams has just taken over completely" Boldin said.

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