12-year-old recaps winning play

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - In case you were the one who didn't see the Ravens win on Saturday, we sent ABC 2 News' Lamont Williams out to have someone explain to us exactly what you didn't see during one of the greatest Ravens games ever. 

At the Meadow Mill Athletic Club, everyone was talking about the play. 
You didn't see that play that Jacoby Jones made to win the game? We have an expert that will help break it down for you. 
12-year-old Cullen Little is a heck of a squash player and an expert sports analyst, and for most adults, 'the play' was indescribable, but not for him. 
"We throw a Hail Mary basically to Jacoby Jones over the defensive backs one of which was a safety who took a poor angle and wasn't able to cut it off and Jacoby Jones took it in," he said. 
Cullen continued to break it down for us, "he saw that the safety was sort of playing over on the left side of the field so he threw it down the right side and the safety definitely had an opportunity to come in and intercept the ball."
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