Uncertain seeding and games this week

BALTIMORE - The Orioles Magic is back, and the fans have post-season fever, but there's a whole different game going on now over buying tickets to see October games here in Baltimore.

"If the Orioles win tonight and the Yankees lose, there's a one game playoff here tomorrow which I already have tickets for, and if the Orioles were to lose that game, they would be here Friday night against Oakland or Texas.  I'm not sure which," said Dan Sulzbach of Bel Air as he stepped away from the ticket window.

If it were only that simple.

Under different scenarios, the Orioles may or may not host a game here Thursday, Friday or Sunday, and for organizations like the Downtown Partnership, which is hosting a block party Friday in Hopkins Plaza, contingency plans are in motion.

"Downtown has so much going on... there's all the cultural institutions, there's the theatres, there's the symphony, there's all the live music clubs, there are restaurants.  There are fine dining places that don't have TVs so I think everybody right now is scrambling to figure out what this could mean with the Orioles on TV or hopefully here at Camden Yards would peal diners or patrons from the events, what could they do to mitigate that a little bit," said Partnership Vice President Michael Evitts.

The organization has filed paperwork through the Orioles to get Major League Baseball to show the game during its event to make it part of the party.

Uncertainty over the O's this week is even impacting other businesses in the Warehouse.

"We don't know what's going on from day to day," said Melanie Ricks of Lippincott Publishing, "So we don't know whether we're going to be allowed to park at the building and enter the building.  We don't know if they're going to shut us down or send us to work from home.  So there's an excitement... there's a buzz in the building all the time.  We don't work for the Orioles, but we definitely feel we're a part of the Orioles."

Ditto for Dan Sulzbach and his son, who haven't always felt the Magic, but are now committed to becoming witnesses to the next chapter in Orioles baseball history.

"The past few months have been great.  We've hit some games recently.  We hope to hit a few more this October."

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