Push is on for O's postseason gear

BALTIMORE - Baltimore has been in labor for 15 years, but Sunday night the Charm City finally gave berth to a playoff.

"I'm not waiting.  As soon as I get lunch I am going right down to the ballpark, I am going right to the store.  I don't care what the cost is.  These shirts could have been a hundred dollars and I still would have bought it."

Army reservist Romeo Santos means it too.

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It's been a tough few years for him and like for many of us, baseball is an artful escape, getting lost in the passion for his hometown team; a breather from life outside the two white lines.

"Baseball has gotten me through a whole lot of things, deployments, I lost my wife recently and baseball really, Orioles baseball really got me through a lot so I mean this means so much."    

Especially after so long.

It's the kind of passion owner of Poor Boys in Dundalk Michael Tyson wants to fuel in the coming days as he waits for his playoff Orioles order to arrive from the printer in Tampa, Florida.

"This is our first experience with playoffs.  We ordered quite a bit.  We figured it's been a while so the town'sgonna go crazy and it sure seems that way."

So Tyson preordered just about every combination of shirt or otherwise a month ago; a financial and risky bet against the recent history of this franchise, but one the small business owner knew then and now would pay off.

"There are so many different scenarios with this to be honest with you I am trying to stay out of the mental institution.  I mean it is just wild.  We are up all night trying to figure it all out, you know what I mean, so it's quite a bit…but we love it, we love the fans," said Tyson.     

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