Statue being built to honor Brooks Robinson

A statue to honor Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson is being built outside Camden Yards. The 1,500 pound statue will be on the plaza between Washington Boulevard and Russell Street.

The sculptor is Baltimore native Joseph Sheppard and the whole project is being spearheaded by The Dorothy L. and Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr. Foundation. Henry Rosenenberg Jr. has been a friend of Robinson's for 30 years.

Robinson played for the Baltimore Orioles for 23 seasons, receiving the Golden Glove award 16 times. He was named American League Most Valuable Player in 1964 and the World Series MVP in 1970. The third baseman was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983. He received 344 votes from the 374 votes cast.

The statue will be unveiled on October 22, that's around the same time that Brooks Robinson won the World Series MVP award.

Click the link on the left to follow the progress of the statue.


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