Orioles' legend Brooks Robinson faces uphill legal battle against Hard Rock casino

An expert on Florida law says it will be difficult for Brooks Robinson to collect on his multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Seminole tribe of Florida.

Robinson is asking for $9.9-million in compensation for that fall back in 2012, which caused severe injuries. 

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“A bleed on the brain, what we call a subdural hematoma, five fractured vertebrae in his back, the scapula was fractured into many pieces. He had internal injuries and bleeding,” said Robinson’s attorney, Jack Hickey.

He was on this stage at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida -- raising money for a children's hospital, when he leaned against a curtain.

“He thought there must be a wall behind this walkway on the stage, reached for the wall and fell,” Hickey said.

He said the fall changed Robinson’s life; the brain and back injuries are severe.  And that’s why they’ve asked for such a large amount of money.

“Most of it is just in the loss of enjoyment of life,” Hickey said.

But there is a problem with the lawsuit.  The Hard Rock Casino is owned and operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, on tribal land.

“They're more like a sovereign state. They don't have to obey the laws of Florida,” said Steve Geller, a former president of the Florida State Senate.

And the tribe has a cap on damages it will pay to anyone -- $200,000.  That’s not even enough to cover Robinson's medical bills.

“Unless they voluntarily agree, you can't make them,” Geller said.

Robinson's attorney is asking the tribe to waive its cap on liability.

A spokesman for the tribe told the Miami Herald he is confident a fair resolution can be negotiated with Brooks Robinson.

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