Orioles gear selling behind only Yankees and San Francisco Giants

BALTIMORE - You can't go anywhere these days without spotting some orange in the crowd.  And now we know why.  According to ESPN and a website called fanatics.com, only the Yankees and the San Francisco Giants have sold more merchandise than the Orioles this month. 

The team is thrilled to hear it. Orioles Director of Communications Greg Bader says there's room for everyone on the O's bandwagon, "From our perspective anybody wants to support us whether they've been here for the last 14 years, whether they've been a fan since the 1950's or whether they're a new fan, we welcome everybody.  We want the support."

T-shirts and hats aren't the only hot items featuring Baltimore's best team. Playoff tickets will soon be in big demand .  They go on sale to the public Saturday morning at 10.

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