Orioles fans hope to dodge jinx

BALTIMORE - Eutaw Street in downtown Baltimore was lined with egg shells Friday afternoon – in more ways than one.

It wasn't just the fact that the Baltimore Orioles hatched a playoff berth, but a sense of nervousness among devout fans not wanting to jinx the Orioles' chances at coming back to Camden Yards for a series with the Yankees.

If the Orioles were to defeat the Texas Rangers in Texas on Friday night, they would then host the Yankees at Camden Yards on Sunday. While the outcome of that came could not be foretold on Friday afternoon, work to prepare for the possibility was a necessity.

But, those working to prepare walked lightly and said little. As playoff banners were hung across the railings at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, all that could be heard was the occasional clanging of a tool. The things those downtown were doing to prepare for a possible Sunday game hadn't been done in 15 years.

"You don't want it to end. You don't want to spoil it. You don't want to make a prediction that would, you know… mess things up," said Oriole fan Dave Evans.

There wasn't much baseball talk at Evans' table at Dempsey's on Friday afternoon. Evans was celebrating his 70 th birthday, and his hat was about all he wanted to show in regards to his anticipation of Friday's game. Like many, he was tip-toeing, hoping not to disturb "the balance."

"I feel like people are having conversations like, 'Hey, how 'bout that weather we're having.'" said Oriole fan Susan Spinnator. "No one wants to talk about it. ...Like the elephant in the room... or the Oriole in the room."

What else were people in Baltimore saying? Click here to view an interactive webcast from noon on Friday.

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