GAME RECAP | Orioles win 3 - 2

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Top of 9th

PITCHING CHANGE: Jim Johnson in to close the game out!

Jeter grounds the first pitch to Hardy at shortstop and he's thrown out at 1st. One out.

Suzuki grounded up the middle to second base. He's out at 1st.

Rodriguez steps in with 2 down. He struck out swinging for the final out!

Orioles win 3 - 2. Series tied at one game each.

Bottom of 8th

Chris Davis ripped the first pitch to center field. Runner on 1st. No outs.

PITCHING CHANGE: David Robertson replaces Pettitte

PINCH RUNNER: Endy Chavez in for Davis

Jones taps one back to Robertson. He flipped to first for the first out.

Wieters grounds out to 1st basemen Teixeira. 2nd out.

Reynolds stepped in with a runner at 3rd and two outs. He struck out swinging to end the inning.

Top of 8th

Teixeira starts the top of the 8th with a hard single to left. McClouth makes a nice throw in from in front of the warning track chasing Teixeira back to first base.

Martin struck out on a called 3rd strike. He isn't happy with the call but he retreats to the dugout. 1st out.

Granderson struck out swinging. 2 outs.

Nunez lifted a ball into foul territory behind first. Reynolds caught it for the 3rd out.

Nice to hear the crowd really get into this one at this point in the game. These fans know the game is winding down and they are here to support these Orioles.

Bottom of 7th

Andino grounded out to shortstop.  1st out.

McClouth hit a fly ball to center field. 2nd out.

Hardy grounded out to shortstop. 3rd out.

Pettitte has now thrown 97 pitches.

Top of 7th

Nunez started the 7th with a blooper to shallow right. Davis dove for it but it was just out of his reach. Nunez never stopped running and hustled into 2nd.

The dive by Davis is what allowed Nunez to get the second.

SCORING ALERT: Jeter hit a line drive to left field over the head of shortstop JJ Hardy. Nunez scored on the play without a throw from McClouth. 3 - 2 Orioles lead. Jeter at 1st no outs.

Suzuki hit a slow roller to the shortstop. Jeter out at 2nd. Suzuki beats the throw over to first to avoid the double play.

PITCHING CHANGE: Darren O'Day replaces Chen

Chen exits after having thrown 112 pitches. Chen kept the game close and has held this Yankees offense to just 2 runs despite giving up 8 hits.

Rodriguez strikes out with Suzuki running. 2nd out.

Suzuki beat the throw from Wieters, safe at 2nd with 2 outs.

PITCHING CHANGE: Brian Matusz replaces O'Day

Cano was intentionally walked. Runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 outs.

Suzuki and Cano both advance on a wild pitch. Runners at 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs.

Swisher hit a fly ball to left field. McClouth caught it for the 3rd out.

The Yankees left two men in scoring position.

Bottom of 6th

Wieters leads off with a double.

SCORING ALERT: Reynolds hits a single to right. Wieters scores. Runner on 1st, no outs - 3 - 1 Orioles

Thome strikes out. 1 out.

Machado hits into an inning ending double play.

The Orioles added a run and the Yankees have Joba Chamberlain warming up in the bullpen.

Top of 6th - 2 - 1 Orioles lead

Swisher grounded out to 2nd base. 1 out.

Teixeira hit a long fly ball to left but it was caught in front of the warning track. 2nd out.

Martin reaches 1st on a fielding error by Hardy. The ball skipped in front of him and stayed down low going under his glove.

Granderson pops out into foul territory along the 3rd base line. 3 outs.

Bottom of 5th

McClouth reaches on an error by Teixeira at 1st base.

Hardy strikes out looking. 1st out.

Davis lifts a fly ball to center. 2 outs.

Jones hit a fly ball to right for the 3rd out.

NOTES: The Yankees now have 2 errors in the game.

Top of 5th

Ichiro starts the inning with a ground out right back to the pitcher. 1st out.

Rodriguez flies out to center. 2 outs.

Cano grounds out to 2nd. 3 outs.

Chen threw just 4 pitches to get through this inning.

Bottom of 4th

Reynolds hit a ground ball to shortstop Derek Jeter, but his throw was high. Reynolds safe at 1st. Throwing error by Jeter.

Thome struck out swinging. 1st out.

Machado grounds into a force out at 3rd. 2 outs.

Andino grounds into force out at 2nd for final out.

Top of 4th

Swisher struck out swinging for the 1st out.

Teixeira hits a single up the middle. Runner at 1st, one out.

Martin draws a walk. Runners at 1st and 2nd. One out.

Granderson singles to center. Teixiera to 3rd, Martin to 2nd.

Nunez pops out to short on infield fly rule. 2 Outs.

Jeter hit a ground ball to 3rd, Machado tagged 3rd for the force out. 3rd out.

Bottom of 3rd

Jim Thome sent a fly ball to left field. 1st out.

Manny Machado sent a one hopper to Jeter and was thrown out at 1st. 2 outs.

Robert Andino hit a broken bat blooper to center for the Orioles 1st hit of the night. Runner on 1st - 2 outs.

McClouth hits a single to center. Runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 outs.

Hardy walked on 4 straight pitches. Bases loaded, 2 outs.

SCORING ALERT: Chris Davis hits a single to right. 2 runs scored and the Orioles took the lead.

Andino and McClouth scored on the hit by Davis.

Adam Jones hit a single under the glove of shortstop Derek Jeter. J.J. Hardy stopped at 3rd despite having the green light from the 3rd base coach.

Wieters sent the first pitch he saw in the air toward 2nd for the 3rd out.


Top of 3rd

Eduardo Nunez popped out to 3rd basemen Manny Machado. 1st out.

Jeter struck out looking. 2 outs.

Suzuki sent a chopper up the middle and Andino had the ball slip out of his hands while trying to make the throw over to first. Suzuki safe at 1st.

Rodriguez hit a sharp single through the left side of the infield just past the diving shortstop.

Cano stepped in with 2 men on, 2 outs. He hit a tapper back to the mound and was thrown out for the final out.

Score remains: 1 - 0 Yankees.

Bottom of 2nd

Adam Jones sent a pop fly to 2nd basemen Cano for the first out.

Wieters grounded out to 3rd basemen Alex Rodriguez. 2 outs.

Mark Reynolds struck out for the 3rd out.

NOTES: Andy Pettitte is one of the most successful playoff pitchers in history. Read more about his accomplishments here .

Top of 2nd

Mark Teixeira stepped in to the batters box and heard boos from Orioles fans. Then he heard cheers after a pop out in foul territory in front of the home dugout.

Russell Martin, last night's hero for the Yankees, stepped in for his first at bat and flied out to center fielder Adam Jones. Martin started last night's 5 run 9th with a homerun to left field.

Curtis Granderson struck out, Chen's first of the game. 3rd out.

SCORE: 1 - 0 Yankees lead

Bottom of 1st

Nate McClouth quickly flied out to left field. 1 out.

J.J. Hardy then grounded out to 2nd. 2 outs.

Chris Davis struck out looking for the 3rd out.

A quick bottom half of the inning and just 10 pitches for the veteran Andy Pettitte.

TOP 1st

8: 45pm - The Orioles have taken the field and this game is about to get underway! Let's Go O's!

Derek Jeter stepped in and hit a single to right over the head of Orioles 2nd basemen Robert Andino.

Ichiro Suzuki slapped a bouncer toward 2nd and Mark Reynolds tried to barehand it. He bobbled it and Suzuki and Jeter are both safe. Men on 1st and 2nd nobody out.

Alex Rodriguez hit line drive to Andino at 2nd that was caught inches from the ground. Andine fliipped to second for the double play. 2 outs. Ichiro on 1st.

Robinson Cano ripped a line drive off the right field wall and this lead to a memorable play at the plate.

SCORING ALERT: Suzuki was waved home despite a strong relay throw. The ball was there well before Ichiro but he was able to dance around catcher, Matt Wieters, and somehow touch the plate before the tag was applied. Look for this one in all the replays tomorrow. The fans didn't like the call but it does appear he was NOT tagged. There may be some questions about whether Ichiro left the base path. 1 - 0 Yankees. Go to to watch this video - It's posted now.

Nick Swisher came to the play with Cano at 2nd. He sent a slow roller up the middle and was thrown out at first for the 3rd out.

NOTES: During the inning we saw both Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter out talking to the umpires.

Girardi appeared to be discussing the Rodriguez put out in what may have been a trapped ball.

Later Showalter was questioning the play where Ichiro scored.

Baltimore fans erupted into a familiar chant heard first a couple of weeks ago at a Ravens game.

Stay with ABC2 tonight as we live blog during the game. The Orioles lost in game one of the ALDS 7 - 2 Sunday night.

The Yards are packed and the excitement is back for tonight's matchup. ( Orioles confident )


Tonight's pitchers - Orioles: Wei-Yin Chen   vs. Yankees: Andy Pettitte

The temperature on the field tonight is 52 degrees.

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