GAME RECAP | Yankees win 7 - 2

Article | Orioles lose loud, emotional opener, 7-2

Photos | Orioles vs. Yankees - Game One

FINAL SCORE - 7 -2 Yankees

Bottom of 9th

Sabathia remains in the game

Machado grounded out to 2nd. 1 out.

Chris Davis struck out for out number 2.

Ford hit a double to the gap in right.

PITCHING CHANGE: David Robertson

PINCH HITTER: Ryan Flaherty

Flaherty struck out. 3rd out

Top of 9th

PITCHING CHANGE: Jim Johnson enters

SCORE ALERT: Russell Martin started the inning off with a solo HR to left field - 3 - 2 Yankees.

Ibanez hit a single through the right side.

Derek Jeter hit a single to left with the runner going. Jeter to 1st, Ibanez to 2nd. Runners on the corners no outs.

PINCH RUNNER: Eduardo Nunez in for Ibanez on 3rd base

SCORING ALERT: Suzuki hit a tapper toward 1st, Nunez scored, Suzuki safe at first. Run scores: 4 - 2 Yankees.

Runners at 1st and 2nd, nobody out.

Rodriguez struck out (his 3rd K) - 1 out.

SCORING ALERT: Robinson Cano sends a double to left scoring Derek Jeter, and Ichiro Suzuki. 6 - 2 Yankees lead. One out.

SCORING ALERT: Swisher lifted a fly ball to right. Cano tagged and scored on a sacrifice fly. 7 - 2 Yankees.

Teixeira grounded out to 2nd to end the inning.


Bottom of 8th

Sabathia still in there...

Hardy slapped a leadoff double down the right field line and everyone in the crowd is standing as Adam Jones comes to plate.

Jones struck out for the 1st out of the inning.

Matt Wieters popped out in foul territory near 1st base on the first pitch he saw.

Mark Reynolds hit a chopper to short and was thrown out at first by Jeter. 3rd out.

Top of 8th


Cano grounded out to second quickly. Swisher struck out for the 2nd out. Teixeira walked.

Granderson struck out on three pitches as he swung through a high fastball. A quick inning...

Bottom of 7th

Lew Ford started things off with a ground out to 2nd baseman Robinson Cano. Sabathia followed up with a strikeout of Andino. McClouth flipped a one hopper to Cano at 2nd and was thrown out for the 3rd out.

The inning was relatively quiet for the Orioles.

Top of 7th

Russell Martin started the inning off with a free pass. Ibanez worked his way to full count before taking the second straight walk.

PITCHING CHANGE: Darren O'Day replaces Troy Patton

Derek Jeter came in and advanced the runners with a 2 strike bunt. Martin moves to 3rd, Ibanez to 2nd. One out.

Suzuki sent a bouncer to 2nd and Robert Andino quickly fired home getting Russell Martin out at the plate. Martin was running on contact and was tagged before he could score the run. Suzuki reached 1st. 2 outs.

Rodriguez swing through a 2 - 2 pitch for the 3rd out. The Yankees left 2 men on the bases.

This is the most animated the crowd has been.

Bottom of 6th

Sabathia tallied two outs quickly before Mark Reynolds drilled a single into center field. Machado followed that hit with a scorcher right at Derek Jeter. Jeter bobbled the ball and his throw to second was late.

Chris Davis came to the plate with 2 men on and lofted a fly ball to left-center to end the inning.

Top of 6th

Alex Rodriguez started the inning off with a ground out to the shortstop, and Hammel quickly jumped ahead of Robinson Cano - 0 - 2 - before getting him to ground out to 3rd. Nich Swisher sent a sharp single through the middle knocking Hammel out of the game.

Hammel threw 112 pitches giving up 4 hits, 2 runs, 4 walks, and he had 5 strikeouts. Hammel walked off to a standing ovation from the crowd.

PITCHING CHANGE: Troy Patton takes over.

The Yankees strung together a couple of hits in the inning but didn't score any runs. The inning ended on a long fly ball off the bat of Curtis Granderson that was caught in the right field corner by Chris Davis. This catch will be on the highlight reel!

Bottom of 5th

10: 13pm - Back to back strike outs of Jeter, and Suzuki got this crowd on its feet! The score remains tied at 2 but a new energy is coming over the fans. Could be time to carry some of that momentum into the bottom half of the 5th.

10: 26pm - End of 5.. still 2 - 2.

Hammel Gets the Start

The Baltimore Orioles announced today that Jason Hammel will get the start against the Yankees' CC Sabathia.

Hammel, a 6-foot-6 right-hander had an 8-6 record for the Orioles during the regular season. Facing the Yankees, Hammel allowed seven runs and 18 hits in 66 at bats this season. His 2012 record against the Yankees is 0-1.

5:36pm - The tarp was rolled out to cover the infield. First pitch is slated for 6:15 p.m., but officials say it could be later as National Weather Service Radar shows showers in the vicinity of Camden Yards.
6pm - Game delayed - No Start time announced
7:22pm - Game remains in a delay, fans holding out hope for baseball tonight!

7:25pm - From the Stadium

Thousands of fans pack the inner areas of the stadium, all looking for a place to dodge raindrops.

Many discussions among fans are of a potential 8:15pm start, but that has not been confirmed.

Only one thing is for sure, food, and drinks are selling -- lines span several hundred feet in length.

Game still delayed.


8:03 - The official expected start time is now set for 8:40pm.
8:50 - Top of 1st is in the books - 1 - 0 Yankees.

Yankee captain, Derek Jeter, opened with a single to center. Jeter then scored on a Double by Ichiro Suzuki.
Hammel threw 18 pitches.
8:56pm - C.C. Sabathia was efficient getting the Orioles to go three up, three down. 7 pitches.
Early on the crowd at Camden Yards has a lot of energy despite the rain delay. The fan base steadily grew through the final weeks of the season as the Orioles chased the Yankees down the stretch. The Orioles with within a game for most of the final month of the season. Follow #Omazing on Twitter to tweet along with other Orioles fans.
9:07pm - Hammel got through the 2nd without too much drama. This crowd is just waiting for a reason to get loud! This type of energy is usually reserved for M&T Bank Stadium.
9:17pm - CC is looking sharp through 2. Another 3 up, 3 down inning.
9:29pm - Moving right along... top half of the 3rd uneventful.
9:30pm - Chris Davis just ripped the 1st pitch of the bottom of the 3rd up the middle for a quick single. The crowd has just erupted into a "Let's Go O's" chant... just as Lew Ford hit a sharp single through the left side of the infield. 2 on nobody out!
9:35pm - Orioles take a 2 - 1 lead off the bat of Nate McClouth. One batter later the inning ended on a double play.

McClouth continues to find ways to generate offense and his single here in the bottom of the third gave the Orioles their first lead of the night.
9:51pm - Yankees tie it after a long single by Mark Teixeira. A-Rod scored from 2nd, and Nick Swisher moved to 3rd.

10:13pm - Back to back strike outs of Jeter, and Suzuki got this crowd on its feet! The score remains tied at 2 but a new energy is coming over the fans. Could be time to carry some of that momentum into the bottom half of the 5th.

10:26pm - End of 5.. still 2 - 2.

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